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Kirsty Dias - Better Future Spotlight

Updated: May 18, 2022

Our Founder Mark Bergin is joined by the incredibly astute and thoughtful Kirsty Dias, the Managing Director at PriestmanGoode. Mark and Kirsty discuss the future of mobility, making conscious consumer choices, reassessing luxury, the acceleration of the new century, sharing our privilege, and preparing for a better future. Have a listen!



“We are very conscious that we are designing the world around us, and to do that really well you need to have broad opinion and experience within your design team.” - Kirsty Dias 05:39

“The best things are those that are considered from beginning to end as a whole system.” - Kirsty Dias 21:46

“Have we reached peak consumerism and peak expectation of how much comfort we are meant to have?” - Kirsty Dias 44:18

“The century that we are in is a century of adding, whereas the previous two centuries were centuries of extracting.” - Mark Bergin 47:55

“I really want to find people who have something interesting to say. I am not looking for a carbon copy cut out of an ideal designer, I am looking for creativity, for stories and experience, and I think that needs to come from many different walks of life.” - Kirsty Dias 54:13

“If we can demonstrate that we are championing social equity, championing better access, and creating a wider and more diverse pool of designers, then we are doing our job.” - Kirsty Dias 56:06

“I really don't want people who can do a polished version of what's already been done, I want the people in next.” - Mark Bergin 59:16
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