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Phil Nutley - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future Spotlight, our founder Mark Bergin sits down with Phil Nutley - Head of Experience Design at CCD Design & Ergonomics. Phil has an inspiring outlook on the potential of design to lead us into a better future and together Mark and Phil discuss the necessary brilliance of casual collisions, the power of context, the need for better systems design, humanizing tech and reaching beyond the first and easiest solution. Listen to the episode to find out more. 


Inkibit - a new female-led creative collective who nurture and develop early-stage projects using AR and VR



“Fusebox brings immersive technology into the hands of creative thinkers across a broad spectrum of backgrounds.” 0:01:08
“I've always spoken about three C's...the culture, the community, and the commercial side. I think we're seeing more of it now, the pandemic has thrown up the opportunity for more people to be open and have broader conversations.” 0:07:28
“We're in this evolving moment where we can really challenge what we do, particularly as creative leaders. I think we can really challenge what we write as a brief, what we open up as a problem space and where we go with the solution.” 0:08:30
“We have to humanize technology… technology doesn't provide the answer.” 00:10:56
“Rethinking the back-of-house for systems and processes allows more debate to happen front-of-house and make that far more evocative, more thrilling.” 0:12:26
“Take yourself outside of the problem space of the business for a moment, that gives great insight.” 0:18:13
“Sometimes we need to stop people jumping into the first solution that they find.” 0:21:23
“Seize that opportunity to take a path that you might not usually go down and see what you find. Come back and report and have a discussion about it. Don't close the door, be very open in that conversation. Ask yourself what was it that interested you about going down that path and exploring? That's what I think more and more industries, more and more sectors need to do.” 0:22:08
“Project-based learning is really valuable because you upskill and empower a whole bunch of people as you take them on that expedition.” 0:23:27
“In the past couple of years with the pandemic I have met more people easily through programs like this, through Zooms and Teams, it's been easier to have more conversations with people across the world that are solving problems, that are coming up with solutions day-to-day.” 0:26:29
“Often the place to start is to just observe and listen to people.” 0:32:22
“Often the teams of people that work within your organisation are the ones that possibly have most of the innovation and insights because they're at the cold, hard face of it. They're dealing with that end-user day-to-day, and they're the ones that can give you that quick insight into how we might change.” 0:35:52
“We need storytellers that are going to put something quite sharp and hard-hitting in front of us, so we can take a step back and go “hang on a minute”.” 0:38:08
“As a creative thinker, it is the conversations you have that are the most inspiring.” 0:43:02


“I think it is so important that we try to get away from relying on technology as being the answer because normally it's the problem.” 0:10:32
“To get the design innovation to happen we need to have lots of ideas from lots of different people.” 0:17:05
“We talk about things as being solutions-based, but that often implies that solutions are done at you. A solutions model is part of the problem. The design innovation model is about your need and how we can solve that need in a way that is done for and with you.” 00:23:49
“When we look at a functional spec, it's written down as the notes, but it doesn't have the feel of the creator.” 0:24:53
“As we go towards a better future there is a great likelihood we're going to leave a bunch of people behind. We need to work out how to bring them along.” 0:29:43
“Beyond Zero is where the future horizon is.” 0:37:17
“Nobody comes up with anything by themselves. There are influences everywhere and those little nudges are so important in remembering that everything is a collective moment.” 0:44:19
“Play is such an important thing. To actually get those creative minds engaged, to find and teach the people who are going to be future leaders we need them to go and play, not just perform.” 0:45:10
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