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Town Hall #47 - Next Generation & Better Future - USA

Updated: May 20, 2022

Throughout March we have asked our Design Exec Club panelists to invite a member of the Next Generation to our Town Halls to include their voice in the discussion around a Better Future. For Episode #47 we were joined by an incredible panel, however due to an unfortunate technical issue there is no recording (although we still managed to gather our show notes, so make sure to check out the conversation highlights from our panelists).

We were later joined again by Rick Bell and María Moersen for take two to recap the initial episode - you can see the show notes from Episode #47a at the bottom of the article.

Hosted by Mark Bergin

Episode #47 Panelists

Rick Bell - Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, NYC with María Moersen - LEED Green Associate, Architectural Designer

Brian Collins - Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer at COLLINS with Zuzanna Rogatty - Desiger at COLLINS and George Lavender - Senior Designer at COLLINS

Karin Fyhrie - Founder & COO at Sovereign Objects with Phoenix Libsch

Melissa Cullens - Founder & CEO at Charette with Victoria Ayo - Associate Product Designer at Spotify & Founder of Kindred



Rick Bell

people look at changing the world on their own terms
change is often reactive
we need young voices at the table... boomers have to get out of the way
the next generation have figured out how to use the system

María Moersen

architecture should be more in tune with real estate
we need agency when dealing with the future
it will be a better future when... there is world peace

Brian Collins

people resist being changed, not change itself
young people are about what is happening next
i believe in doing something, then thinking
if you let people go, amazing things will happen

Zuzanna Rogatty

we need to assure young people have equal voice, and that it matters
we need to trust the next generation and allow them to speak up
motivation and support are enablers
it will be a better future when... young generations are given more trust and a voice

George Lavender

we need to recognise and understand empathy
if we experience it, we will change it
we learn and grow from our mistakes
it will be a better future when... we start to think smaller and solver whatever we can in our world

Karin Fyhrie

how can we reimagine the complexity of roles and power
business can be both a blocker and enabler

Phoenix Libsch

we need a large reset, not just for design but for power
we need to redesign the power structure
a perfect future is unattainable
it will be a better future when... it is more definitive... when the world isn‘t melting

Melissa Cullens

the last ten years focused on fast scale... we need to scale down and create more intermittent bonds

Victoria Ayo

we need a re-education of design history... to recognise the indigenous influence on design
Blockers are more internal... personal
it will be a better future when... equity is key and we redistribute wealth

Mark Bergin

people at the edges get upset, not the moderators
the proposition is most important

Episode #47a Panelists:

Rick Bell - Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, NYC with María Moersen - LEED Green Associate, Architectural Designer


Rick Bell

we need an income redistribution
the global issue is economic equity
we need to think about things that are not based on capital
wealth is really about quality of life issues - shelter, water, food...
we need to think on three scales at the same time - it’s not just about the internals of a building but the facade, the street scape and the neighbourhood too
think locally, act globally
we need to take the next generation seriously

María Moersen

[the current generation’s] job is to accept more agency in our work
the same lens applied to a global scale can be applied on a community level
social media is providing the next generation with their voice

Mark Bergin

we need to reframe and enable the future voices of the next generation
it is not what you are afforded but what you afford others
we need to ensure an enduring legacy
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