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WILD Week Iceland 2025

The idea of WILD began as an inspiring concept to explore why some innovation/design is MILD, taking us on steps forward, and others are WILD, taking us on leaps into the future.

As the challenges of the world have become more complex, we need innovation to help us take leaps, not steps, towards a better future. 

Taking place 24-30 March, WILD Week 2025 will be an exploration of WILD thinking, bringing together thinkers and decision-makers from across the globe for a three-day program to explore and celebrate WILD ideas.

Where better to explore WILD than Iceland? The wildest place on earth. Most conferences/summits make the focus the program - WILD Week is about the people and the content is designed to initiate conversations and get new networks, ideas and collaborations occurring.

As a reminder of why this gathering is so important here is an explanation of why it's time to be WILD written by Mark.



Tickets for WILD Week ICELAND 2025 will go on sale 1 July - use the form below to keep in contact and register your interest 

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The Experience

WILD Week will comprise a series of events and experiences that allow you to open your mind, think beyond your immediate surroundings and connect with fellow explorers from around the world.

Delegates arrive in Reykjavík on Monday 24 March, and depart on Friday 28 March consisting of a welcome day & and reception, three days of programmed events and evening activity plus a departure day for those either returning home or heading off on a WILD Experition.


We recommend you lock in your ticket today as discounts and capacity are limited - for those that might need to reschedule we will offer a same-price 2026 experience or a complete refund up to 100 days before the event. With a change or refund policy like that, you'd be crazy not to lock in your tickets today.

Planning Your Visit

This is WILD Week. Cancel any other plans.

Flights in and out of Reykjavík are frequent and depart from major airports on both sides of the Atlantic (6 hours from New York / 3 hours from London). Airlines with scheduled flights to Reykjavík include Icelandair, British Airways, Easyjet and Play.

Pre and Post touring options will begin to be released on January 15 - our local tour partner Saga events will be able to help you with tour bookings or tour planning - it's peak summer time in Iceland so booking early is essential to ensure you have the touring options.


Places to stay in Reykjavík 


We'll be releasing Hotel Partner discount codes on January 15 - Reykjavik has a good range of 3-5 star hotels, an Icelandic 3 star is like a Paris 4.5 star - if you're on a budget - choosing a 3 star is a good tip.

We recommend you lock in your hotel early with a change option, availability is key so lock in and have the flexibility to change if needed - we all know plans change.


Reykjavík is also well served by both and




Who is WILD Week for?
WILD Week is an annual event gathering creative minds from across the globe, connected by an interest in exploring the possibilities of thinking beyond. Everyone is connected through the BETTER FUTURE Awards.

Who is organising WILD Week?
BETTER FUTURE - organisers of the world’s largest network of design awards. Mark Bergin led the WILD Week program, which has fed conversations and input from hundreds of design entities.

Why go to WILD Week?
Everything is a play. The week presents the opportunity to meet other creatives, connect differently and explore the possibilities. 

Why Iceland?
It's the wildest place on earth!

Who else will be at WILD Week?
A mix of senior creatives, business leaders and thinkers. WILD Week will also feature contributions from and connections with the Icelandic design community. A complete list of attendees will be made available before departure.

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